Geraldton (Australia)

Geraldton is a town in Western Australia, about 420km north of Perth.

The city is an important fishing, sheep breeding, wheat growing and tourist center.
At the same time, Geraldton is a major port.
Despite the 31350 inhabitants, Geraldton has retained the character of a country town.
Geraldton is the ideal place to relax, end and explore.
In Geraldton and the surrounding area are beautiful beaches that are especially popular with water sports.
Geraldton is certainly not a party town and the starting points are limited.
In return, Geraldton offers a lot for the well-being of its visitors, such as the museum, art gallery, large selection of restaurants, shops, schools, physicians’ center and so on.

About 60 km from Geraldton’s coast are about 120 coral atolls – the Abrolhos Islands.
The islands are home to unique fauna and flora including endangered sea lions and a very rare birdlife nesting on the island’s beaches.
On some of the island are small huts that are all owned by Lobster fishing families.

Whether you’re looking for solitude and tranquility under the stars in the Australian Outback (inland) or exploring the coastline along beaches and cliffs to the Kalbarri National Park, Geraldton is the ideal base.