Our course is open to anyone over the age of 18.

The Indian Ocean Studies course is a once in a lifetime experience which will give you an interest in the sea and its inhabitants and improve your knowledge of the English language.

This course is for anyone who wants to improve and practice their English, aquarists who would like to get a glimpse into the industry, future fish farmers, hobby fish breeders, bridge year students, budding marine biologists, adventurers and up and coming pensioners looking to catch up.

“When I enrolled in aquaculture at the age of 50, I had absolutely no previous knowledge in this field. Since my English level probably does not correspond to the average student in Australia, I was rather skeptical at first.

The class consisted of students of a wide range of ages, both male and female. After a couple of days we developed into a good team and the different characters turned out to be a big advantage in the project work. In the end some real friendships were created. Certainly I sometimes reached my limits, especially during the theoretical exams, but thanks to the support of the teachers I also mastered these tasks.

The projects were super exciting. We worked on a fish farm inland and bred clown fish in the lab. Maintaining a feed stock breeding for the clownfish larvae was also part of a project. The most exciting part for me was the boat trips to the islands. These excursions were all about fishing and dealing with the the fish that were caught.

The course has been one of the most interesting and educational experiences I have had in Australia. I really think that anyone can take part in this course, sometimes it is only ourselves who set our limits.”
– Rolf Tobler, successfully completed Aquaculture II and Fishing operation II from January to July 2018.

If you have further questions please contact us. We would be pleased to inspire you about water.