Indian Ocean Studies

Indian Ocean Studies (IOS) is an official agent for TAFE students in Europe.

TAFE (Technical and Further Education) is a state-run institution that offers post-graduate education. The courses are part of adult education and training and have no age limit. While universities offer mainly theoretically related studies, TAFE focuses on practical training.

IOS was founded by Kevin and Rolf Tobler. Together with the head of the Batavia Coast Maritime Institute, Suresh Job, they develop individual and customized courses for students from Europe.

The courses last 6 months. IOS offers a total package of personal care and organized leisure activities throughout the stay.

Kevin Tobler

Kevin immigrated to GERALDTON Western Australia in 2010 with his family. He quickly developed a great interest in the sea and
Kevin spends his free time in, on or around the water. Fishing, snorkeling, and kitesurfing are some of his passions.

During high school, Kevin studied Biology and Aquaqulture which included diving and boating.

After graduation Kevin studied at the Bativia Coast Maritime Institute (BCMI).
– Certificate I-III in Aquaculture
– Diploma in Marine Studies

Kevin now works as a technician and student supervisor at the BCMI.

Rolf Tobler

In 2010 Rolf Tobler sold his floor laying business in Müllheim TG and emigrated with his family to Australia. The family lives their dream.
Most of their free time is spent outdoors, preferably camping on secluded beaches or in the outback.

As an avid spearfisherman, Rolf spends a lot of time in the ocean.

Rolf and Kevin came up with the idea of IOS to enable those interested to gain insight into the Australian lifestyle, combined with studies at the Marine Institute.

In order to pass on his experience to future students, Rolf completed the 6-month Certificate II in Aquaculture course.

Rolf Tobler was overwhelmed by the friendly and supportive environment at BCMI and found the course, and it’s projects, to be very interesting and exciting.